New EP – From Tomorrow, With Love

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It’s here! Our new EP hits iTunes, Spotify and Amazon soon, but you can also stream and download RIGHT NOW on Bandcamp. Pay what you want!

The LA Times really wants you to come to the next Obsolete show

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From the LA Times Music Blog:

In recent months, a pool of innovative L.A.-based artists who create music in an electronic subgenre called chiptune have formed the Obsolete collective, and have commenced throwing shows to celebrate their lo-bit love affair.

This weekend, the consortium offers the second installment of a monthly, downtown party at their designated warehouse space, dubbed Pixel Frequency. Held on the first Saturday of every month, Obsolete’s flagship event is forging a meeting ground for an open-ended chiptune genre with roots that stem back to the ’70s (though it was rarely performed live until the 2000s).

Casting a rotating lineup of artists for every show, the second Obsolete party features performances by Beta to the Max and Wizwars, each of whom foster unique blends of blips and bass. Often relegated to performing in scattered, random shows throughout the city, members of the collective are hoping to not only bond over their own prideful Nintendo geekdom, but also to expose new fans to a genre that’s much more varied and ill-defined than many realize. Also on the bill will be Mike Bleeds, Encord, daSID and DJ Sysop.

Saturday: Obsolete collective’s monthly chiptune showcase in downtown L.A.

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Whoa, updates!

Last month we joined forces with Obsolete, the fresh new Southern California collective of chip-related musicians and artists. We’re putting on monthly parties the first Saturday of every month. The first event in June was a great success. Here’s a promo video from that show:

We’ll be playing the next show this Saturday, July 2nd starting at 8:30pm. If you’re in or around LA, we’ll see you there!

If you’re not in the area, stay tuned for pics and video.

New Single – Black Box

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Black Box by Beta to the Max

Music Video – Intergalactic Elevator

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